Jacasseries #118 Rock from the 90’s

enero 25, 2012

Hey my friends


As members of the generation of the 80’s, Thild and me, Mista Flow, we started discovering the world of music with the radio of the 90’s


As members of the 80’s generation, Thild and me, Mista Flow, we really started discovering the world of music during the 90’s, especially with radio broadcasts

OK, I have to admit that the différent styles of music of the 90’s have not evolved in the same way, they are not all memorables


Two weeks ago, Thild had a simple but so good idea: “I’m gonna record a big up session to the rock and grunge music of the 90’s. If you still have some nuggets of this period, we can record together the next Jacasseries session”

What a good idea Thild, what a pleasure to dive back into this period, I confess, somewhat forgotten on my side


But how difficult it has been to make a choice between all the mythical songs of this period

We are sorry for The Cranberries, Blondie, Jeff Buckley, OASIS, U2… A two hours podcast is too short


We are sure that you will have as much pleasure listening to this new session that we had for selecting and recording of it


Thild & Mista Flow


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