Jacasseries #93 / Jakslive 6

julio 26, 2011

JaksLive everyone!
Spreading its wings wider as ever, Jakslive will let you fly away for two hours of live awesomeness, recorded at JKL Soundplant in Paris (that place people used to call my “living-room”). The usual magic formula: three bands, three styles, a live playlist intertwined with interviews for a breath taking 2 hours podcast… Backed up with amazing music videos available on our website (we are so not over-rating the work of our picture team, not to talk about the tremendous skills of the sound team).
With real pieces of birds and love inside.
JaksLive #6 is :
Kinski Elevator – Tropical thunder, lightnings and the heavy rain, three jazz brothers to rule them all.
The Berniz – Freshly defrozen, the last rock-and-roll prodigies of the sixties where miraculously preserved in their flesh and bones gorgeousness.
SuperBravo – One-Power-Woman Show casting a brilliant voice, solid maple songwriting, a tense erotic feel and a sense of humor.
Find us on www.jakslive.org and jakslive.tumblr.com/
New !!  JaksLive is now available on iTunes for a take-away podcasting made easier.
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