JaKsLive 3

abril 26, 2011

Our beloved God is your listening pleasure.
JaKsLive offers every month a refined selection of the local scene artists, intimately mixing genres and souls for an ever-renewed playful “live” playlist.
This #3 month @JaKsLive, we are proud and honored to host:
– Odds and Ends, low pitch soft words and peach skin guitars, closer to your cheeks.
– Kilimanjaro, riding rhythmic pedestrians and throwing their hats away when you scream yeah.
– Les Quenelles de Requin, “the Shark Sausages”, their lovely teenage spirit is now fur– bearing… you’ll pass on the sauce.
– CasseGueule, that’s raw, that’s a call, live electro butchery haut-les-coeurs, Papa

JaKsLive 3 by JaKsLive

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