Welcome to the Balkan Jacasseries #64

diciembre 29, 2010


if as us you have been eating and celebrating Christmas for two long days…it’s time to take a drink of the remaining champagne, grab your mother’s hand and start jumping on these fine balkan grooves!

Yes, this week we chose to highlight eastern Europe. You don’t know serbian or romanian languages ? You almost don’t know anything about the political situation in this area and you definitely don’t care about EU issues ??

Well you can feel anyway that the third world rythms are travelling, meeting each other and making you “going into the club”(check these awesome cumbia/kuduro balkan tracks by Shazalakazoo!)

No Christmas truce for virus…due to technical issue you won’t hear any of our nice voices in this podcast unfortunately.

Check out the comments for tracklist and more explanations.

Cheers and see you next year

The Jacasseurs

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